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Born and raised in Poznan, Poland, growing into adolescence in Toronto, Canada, then re-locating to Miami, Florida. Joanna has had the privilege of experiencing both worlds. She is a very health conscience Mother, Entrepreneur and Wellness Advocate. Through many years of studying alternative health and being a mother herself, she noticed an increased need for proper leadership towards living a healthy lifestyle and through her blogs she intends to do just that. In the interim, she continues to pursue her continued passions in the entertainment industry with a new visionary to partner up with sustainable brands redefining industry standards.

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Joanna Heath

As I see the uttermost beauty within nature and everything within, I try to capture it with my lenses and share with you my vision of ultimate beauty. Available in various sizes, eliciting a sense of wonder in any living space.


Joanna Heath

As an entrepreneur, my mission is to re-define industry standards and introduce various products to you that further support and or promote wellness. Especially being made of the finest ingredients and or materials. Through working with various brands, I will share various products for their potential benefits and upmost quality assurance without harming our bodies or our environment.


Joanna Heath

In my opinion optimal wellness is achieved through a conscious lifestyle focusing on sustainable and or natural ingredients. Fully embracing natures secrets and alternative methods that were once used thus replaced with convenient methods used today. Through my life long traditional upbringing, studying alternative health and my own self thought methods, I pleased to share with your various recipes, techniques and methods in hopes to create a better and healthier lifestyle within your home.

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"Return to Nature" With each purchase 15% of the sale proceeds are returned back to nature through the Joanna Heath Foundation Fund.