About Me


About Me

Born and raised in Poznan, Poland, growing into adolescence in Toronto, Canada, then re-locating to Miami, Florida. Joanna has had the privilege of experiencing both worlds. She is a very health conscience Mother, Entrepreneur and Wellness Advocate. Through many years of studying alternative health and being a mother herself, she noticed an increased need for proper leadership towards living a healthy lifestyle  and through her blogs she intends to do just that. In the interim, she continues to pursue her continued passions in the entertainment industry with a new visionary to partner up with sustainable brands redefining industry standards.

Early Years
Growing up in Poland her upbringing from a traditional European household has taught her firsthand how to run a formal household. From home cooking, natural and alternative healing techniques and keeping self-disciplined, she has incorporated most of these values to today’s modern world in her home. Keeping family values she’s adapted in her early childhood years from her Grandparents, Joanna continues to be a health-conscious Mother of two and extending her knowledge to others in hopes to help educate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. These values have prompted her to further master her techniques she has been taught through continuous studying in the alternative medicine sector and her own trial and error methods.

Career & Studies
During her school years in Toronto, she has successfully graduated from Humber College and Wilfried Laurier University with a degree in Financial Planning. Then building a credible clientele offering financial planning through SunLife Assurance of Canada. In the interim was elected to manage, train, and recruit new Financial Planning Personnel. She is honored to have been a part of such a credible company achieving numerous awards for her professional contributions.

Entertainment Industry
As her perpetual passion in the entertainment sector grew, she joined DMF entertainment and Seven Models Talent agency in Toronto which allowed her to be a part of various advertising campaigns, commercial ads and film. Upon moving to the Sunshine state of Florida, this passion widened towards signing with more agencies, directors and brands even studying film and television in Atlanta and within York  University in Toronto. To date she is honored to have worked with notable brands such as Hertz, Coors Light, Bud Light, Lilli Pulitzer, Soma, just to name a few. Feature films such as Savings Dreams, and being published in multiple magazines. Today she still continues to be involved in the Entertainment sector through her agents.

As the great outdoors is her uppermost inspiration, Joanna continues to dedicate her time towards the preservation of our eco system by educating the public on fully enjoying nature for not only its beauty but its endless wellness capabilities without disturbing its ecological balance. Although Joanna alongside her husband, Jason Heath, assist many global charities, her hope is to one day formally register her foundation.

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