The love for orchids and other plants

Luminous colors, majestic crowns, and fine aroma nestled amongst the lovely green are among the oldest families of flowering plants, one of my personal favorites, orchids.

Although regarded as high-maintenance plants, these hardy beauties have the capability of removing various pollutants found in your home while beautifying your space at the same time.

Orchids are not the only ones that remove dangerous pollutants from our homes; there are many other low-maintenance plants.
With so many kinds of plants and orchids, I’m sure you can find the right one just for you.

Most furniture we buy today is filled with toxins that release chemicals into our air daily. Without opening your windows as we did a long time ago, these stagnant chemicals just continue to circulate throughout your home. Being a nature lover, I have always tried to bring some of these beautiful plants and flowers inside my home not only for decoration but also because I know that many, if not all, of these plants naturally clean your air while removing the harmful toxins from your house. “Orchids, for instance, have the capability to rid the air of xylene―a pollutant found in many types of glue and paints that give off oxygen at night―making them ideal to have in your bedroom.” Depending on where you live and how much sunlight you have in your home, coming in from the windows, many orchids, such as phalaenopsis and paphiopedilums, will be very suitable. However, some orchids require more light, such as Vanda and Cymbidium, and may also need natural sunlight or high-intensity discharge lights to bloom. As for watering, they are very picky as they don’t like too much water. The best way to water them is to dip them in good water and let the excess water drain out. I personally have rain barrows around my house, which I use to water all my plants and vegetable gardens and all the flowers thrive on this alone as it’s filled with natural minerals.

Orchids, as mentioned, are not the only plants that remove harmful chemicals from our homes; there are many others, such as Chinese Evergreen, Aloe Vera, Spider Plants, Lady Palms, Golden Pothos, and many more. In particular, Snake plants known as Mother tongue, Boston fern, English Ivy, and Golden Photos have extreme capabilities in helping keep our air free of pollutants. Alongside the Orchids, Snake plants also produce good oxygen, making them ideal for bedrooms. Boston Ferns specialize in cleaning the air of formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic to humans and found in many furniture, glues, furnaces, stoves, air fresheners, and even clothes. “In 2005, researchers of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology discovered that The English Ivy can reduce the number of allergens such as airborne mold and even airborne dog feces. They rated it one of the five highest air contaminant removal of the 28 plants tested. Peace lilies are also very well-rounded air cleaners removing at least 8 chemicals, particularly acetone, from the air.”

Aside from some Orchids, all these amazing plants are low-maintenance and are excellent for folks with a black thumb. In my opinion, they are a must-have within your home as they contribute hugely to the organic living space that most of us lack. Most of these plants need weekly watering depending on the climate and season, but in general, they are very hardy. So go pay a visit to your local nursery today or visit NatureHills.com, America’s Largest Online Plant Nursery and fill your home with these air cleaning beauties.

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