Denim Evolution

Denim goes back to the mid-1800s when jeans were first invented. Known for their durability, they were primarily worn by miners and others who needed something sturdy and reliable. As jeans evolved over a century later, they became more casual, worn by all genders, and even became mainstream as new trends started.

In the early 1900s, Denim became most prevalent in Hollywood Western films and became very fashionable, thanks to actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean. Despite their adapted fashion and influence, they were still primarily worn by males as they still held on to that Western Feel.
Not until 1952, when actress Marilyn Monroe wore a pair in her film, “River of No Return,” did the rest of the women get convinced otherwise, and more women started wearing them. The style at the time was baggy, and they were worn rolled up until a classic trend was formed in 1957 by Brigitte Bardot, who wore cropped less boxy jeans with a white T-shirt. This look continues to be a classic.

All through the late 1900s, the mod of Denim was shifting every year from more fitted jeans to more embellished, then flared to boot cut as defined by celebrities like Cher, Mick Jagger, and Jim Hendrix back in the 1960s. Later, flared jeans made their way to low rise, following patched jeans with trailing frayed cuffs; next off, bell-bottoms became more favored. All in all, Denim was becoming more hip, especially in the rise of hip hop in the ‘80s.

Suddenly in 1982, Denim made its 1st sex appeal by Brooke Shields through Calvin Klein. Before long, Denim had gone in all sorts of directions from high waist jeans to then faded, more destroyed, creating overalls, straight leg, lace-up, ombre type, jumpsuits, dresses, and more. It was all about taking risks and trying something new.

This year, 2020, I’ve taken a risk and tested a new look incorporating most of the trends Denim has undergone and capsized how Denim has been worn over the years. This modern trend is a new staple you ought to see. I simply call it Denimed. Check it out!!!!

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