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September 30, 2019
April 1, 2020

Aleja Gwiazd

As collaboration is a key component amongst us artists, there is no limits as to how we can achieve it. Either through cross functional, cross cultural or virtual collaboration, together we can achieve a common goal…to start driving innovation.

The completion of Aleja Gwiazd, a cover song by Madlen Music has had an astounding outcome through a virtual collaboration using Instagram as my main tool for connecting with Madlen Music and mediating communication in regards to the production of Aleja Gwiazd Cover as a music video.

The first release of this song was back in 1987 by Zdzislawa Sosnicka. Since then the song has had numerous spins through different composers and visionaries. Then in 2019, two worlds connected through this song in creating a superior outcome. Where Magdalena Baryla (Madlen Music) composed and recorded the song in Germany and myself as the producer and actor in Miami have created a storyline to go along with the lyrics, featured in it and in turn elevated it to the next level. Together the music video has had over 40,000 views on YouTube alone, reached the top of The New Hype through editor’s picks, and has had two articles featuring in Muzykoholicy and Czarno na Czarnym, a news company in Europe not including the astounding feedback from fans across North America and Europe themselves.

As all songs inevitably tell a story it’s always important for me as the creative director and producer to make sure together we have the same vision in creating the storyline that suits both the song and artist as a whole. To me great stories are surprising and unexpected. In consideration of the lyrics I have decided to reflect on big, human centered topics we might not otherwise take time out of our day to think about…….in this case conflict. As basis of conflict may vary from person to person, it’s unavoidable and it’s necessary to every story you may produce. Without it the story has no point or purpose.  In this particular song I’ve conveyed different conflicts through the use of different characters and situations that immanently creep up on us. Avoiding it does not reduce any tension in any way, if anything it escalades it. What’s most important is how we approach it.

In conclusion working with other creators allows avenues to not only expose yourselves to different audiences, it may allow for sharing of resources, overcoming obstacles on a much bigger scale, increased community awareness, shared funding, and most importantly drive innovation through the right connections. I also agree that not everyone can collaborate on every video or type of video, but any time a project would allow it, you as artists should benefit greatly.

I invite you to visit the new Aleja Gwiazd innovated by two exceptional people whom have collaborated in making one notable classic available on my YouTube Channel, Joanna Heath

Joanna Heath
Joanna Heath
Joanna Heath is a diverse actor & model currently residing in Florida

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